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Spring_2017_mattrix_final_webThe teachers at Siglo XXI Spanish Language Institute specialize in helping students converse in Spanish. We emphasize speaking the language right from the start in small classes with a maximum of six to a class. This can be difficult in large classes. In large classes, when students are required to speak, it’s in the form of drills, not conversation. After taking such classes for years, they still can’t express themselves in Spanish. Beginners need to understand the logic behind the structures and patterns they will be using, but if they want to be able to speak the language, the emphasis must be on conversation, not drills.

We offer five different levels of classes (Beginning IBeginning II, Advanced BeginningIntermediate, Advanced Conversation and Tutoring). The Classes are taught by Professor Alonso Benavides and his associates at various times of the day and week in a living room situation using the most effective teaching methodology. The flexibility of the schedules of classes, the modest cost of the programs, and the liberal make-up policy, allow most students to fit the study of Spanish into their pocketbooks and their busy schedules. To reserve space in one of these classes, you can register by filling out our registration form and mail it to us directly.

New! Read Professor Benavides’ 1994 News-Press Article “Keeping pace in a multilingual world.”

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