Siglo XXI Spanish Language Insititute

27 E. Victoria Street, Suite E, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Call or Text (805) 252-9512


We offer five different levels of classes (Beginning IBeginning II, Advanced BeginningIntermediate, Advanced Conversation and Tutoring). The Classes are taught by Professor Alonso Benavides and his associates at various times of the day and week in a living room situation using the most effective teaching methodology. The flexibility of the schedules of classes, the modest cost of the programs, and the liberal make-up policy, allow most students to fit the study of Spanish into their pocketbooks and their busy schedules. To reserve space in one of these classes, you can register by filling out our registration form and mail it to us directly.

New! Read Professor Benavides’ 1994 News-Press Article “Keeping pace in a multilingual world.”

Email Professor Benavides at

4 comments on “

  1. Alonso Benavides
    September 21, 2017

    Alonso, I have really enjoyed your conversation class. Being able to talk in Spanish with the other four members of the group has improved my ability to understand others as well as my ability to speak more coherently.

    • Stuart ochiltree
      June 1, 2018

      I would like to take private lessons twice a week through the summer. I am at an intermediate level.
      Is this available and at what cost? Primarily

      Thank you

      • Alonso Benavides
        June 2, 2018

        Hola Stuart:
        Please text/call me so we can communicate: (805)252-9512

  2. dstuck
    June 18, 2018

    I’ve really enjoyed taking classes here! I’m still so surprised how quickly we got to a point where we can communicate almost entirely in Spanish!

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