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Beginning I

In the Beginning I level we start with sounds, basic vocabulary and speech patterns including greeting, numbers, time and seasons. Students are encouraged to begin communicating orally in Spanish. The following is a partial list of subjects that are covered in this level.

  • Basic vocabulary
  • Articles and possessives: “the”, “some”, “a”,”my”, “yours”, etc.
  • Days of the week, months, seasons.
  • Numbers
  • Regular verbs: AR
  • Regular verbs: ER and IR
  • Irregular verbs.
  • “Ser” and “Estar” (to be). The progressive form (I am working)
  • “Ir” (to go).
  • “Tener” (to have) and “tener que” (to have to, need).
  • “Gustar” (to like).
  • “Gustaría” (would like).

Countdown to Summer Semester

Summer 2020 Semester StartsJuly 6th, 2020

Countdown to Fall Semester

Fall 2020 Semester StartsSeptember 28th, 2020
84 days to go.

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